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            Message to the designer
            2013/11/20 10:46:32

            Dear designer,

                I am very familiar with you, thank you for building more projects with you in the future. Before you collaborate, let me briefly talk a few words so that you can learn more about us. The more you know, the more you  help and support of your project will be even greater.

                The Xuri Enterprise has two brands, Xuri Glass and Xuri Meilan Glass. The brand was established in 2000. In 13 years, it is one thing to operate, professional design, development, production, sales, service of high-end hotels, clubhouse art glass and crystal glass. We have built a star-rated hotel with glass and glass decoration. The total number of hotel projects is more than 300. In the domestic high-end art glass manufacturers, we have no relationship and political background with the development of word of mouth. We have not borrowed a penny from the National Bank, one step at a time. Up to now, there are currently three physical factories in China (Shanghai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and Nanhai, Guangdong). The direct sales companies or offices are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shenyang, Nanjing, Nantong, Hefei, and Shenzhen. Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Milans local factories and branches will also be established.

                The Xuri Enterprise can give you the following three points: 

            1 According to your renderings and the owners license cost range, we will give you several glass solutions.

            2 Customize the glass sample for you according to the scheme you choose and do your satisfaction. 

            3 monthly international and domestic glass technology information, as well as the new glass glass products of Xuri Enterprise, will share with you through QQ application for the first time, let you know the latest process trend of glass for the first time, with the fastest support to you. Project design, please inform your personal QQ, or add Xuri Enterprise Design Support QQ: 121665084, when the follow-up business can not contact or leave, you can still communicate with our design support promote samples and other matters.

                The details of the glass design project should consider the following points:

            1 variety, multiple series, less squares, used in your project, there are many series of glass crystal glass imitation glass varieties, but the square number of single varieties is not much. 

            2 Please ask about the cost before designing, and the owner or construction team can bear the cost. For the 70% common occasions in the 3 projects, please consider using the ready-made samples of the Rising Sun Rising Sun Rise and Rising Sun Glass. Over the years, we have developed thousands of products (including galleries), various process performances and occasions. There are glass, in the lobby, elevator wall, banquet hall some important positions, we can work together to develop some new products, so the proofing speed will be much faster.

                Time for art glass to sample: ready-made mirror original glass for 2 days, one process for 5 days, 2 processes for 7 days, 3 processes for 10-15 days, multi-process + multiple samples take more than 15 days, glass samples are normal. It is more than 20 days, the sample is miss typed or the design is re-adjusted.

                We will respect your company and your cooperation mechanism with the material supplier. If you need to sign a long-term cooperation agreement, you can contact the head of our Xuri Enterprise local branch, we will respect and carefully review the signing of this cooperation agreement.

                We work hard and support your design. I hope that in the near future, our efforts will be reflected in the project, thank you.

                    I wish everything goes well and well!

                                                                                                       Xuri Meilan Glass Company Design Supported Department



             National sales hotline: 4000022999

             Tel: +86 21-5647 2608  

                    +86 21-5647 2600

            Foreign Sales: +86 186 1614 2027 Wahid
             Fax: +86 21 5647 2661

             Address: Shanghai FengXiang District XingFeng JianCai Cheng 1018-1019

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