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            Troubleshooting for Laminated Glass
            2014/9/20 16:48:24
            Customer: What is a special wet glue?
            Xuri Merlin: Special wet laminating glue is mainly used to make special wet laminating glass. One of the reasons why it is special: the glue is different from the ordinary glue on the market. The special wet laminating glue of Xuri Meilan is completely formulated by itself. It consists of 3 major glues and 3 small auxiliary solvents. The hardness and shrinkage properties come from the glue prepared by the line. Second: The pH value of the special wet laminating glue is neutral, healthy and environmentally friendly! Third: specializing in all kinds of laminated glass (plants, three-dimensional cloth patterns, metal mesh, metal rings, beads, shells, marble, grain, etc.)

            Customer: Many bubbles are produced during the production of wet laminated glass. Are there any bubbles in your special wet laminated glass?
            Xuri Meilan: Wet laminated glass is mainly filled with glue. There will inevitably be bubbles. The liquid glue will contact the material or it will produce some bubbles due to shrinking and squeezing the material during curing. Bubbles are guaranteed to minimize bubbles!

            Customer: How much does your special wet laminated glass cost?
            Xuri Meilan 
            Glass: For example, laminated glass with a thickness of 5 + 5 + 5 costs about 140 yuan per square! We sell a glass
             counterpart at the lowest price of 445 yuan per square, this profit is very high!

            Customer: Since the profit is so high, why do you promote it? Do it yourself

            Xuri Meilan: We have matured and stabilized our special wet-laminated glass technology. We mainly do national engineering decoration projects and introduce special wet-laminated glass to a city. Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation!

            Customer: How much glue does it take to make a square laminated glass?

            Xuri Meilan: One square meter of 1 mm thickness requires one kilogram of glue.

            Customer: How much is a kilogram of glue?
            Xuri Meilan: Normally it costs 25 yuan per kilogram; high permeability requires 27.6 yuan per kilogram.

            Customer: How do I buy it? Is there a trial set? How much does a keg cost?
            Xuri Meilan: We do n¨t have a test pack or a small bucket. If you want to buy our Xuri Meilan special wet laminating glue, you must sign a 60,000 agreement with our Xuri Meilan, and you must go to our Shanghai factory To study, at the beginning of the study, you need to pay 3,000 yuan. In two years, you need to buy glue for more than 60,000 yuan to refund the study fee.

            Customer: How effective is your special wet laminating glue?
            Xuri Meilan: Laminated glass effect you can rest assured that Xuri Meilan itself has been making wet laminated glass for six or seven years. Only in the second half of 2012 has it launched special wet laminating glue. Free teaching technology, a city Exclusively awarded. Special wet-laminated glass has a strong three-dimensional sense, high transparency, and beautifying the environment.

             Customer: How many square meters can your special wet laminated glass make in one day?
            Xuri Meilan: The special wet-laminated glass has a special workmanship and may be slower. It is completed by semi-manual and semi-machine. So we calculate according to 6 people working eight hours a day, and we can do 40 square meters a day.

            Customer: Can you buy finished glass directly?
            Xuri Meilan: Yes, you can buy our finished glass. We are doing art glass. Now we introduce special wet-laminated glass. There are two main schemes: first: you can buy our finished glass, we give the lowest price to glass counterparts; second: you can buy our glue and do it yourself Finished glass, this profit is relatively high! If you are also doing high-end art glass projects here, and you also do dry-laminated glass, I suggest that you can do wet-clamp. After all, it can make up for the shortage of dry clamping. There are many types of wet clamping!

            Customer: How much is your special wet-laminated glass?
            Xuri Meilan: The conventional thickness of 5 + 2 + 5 is at least 290 yuan per square, 5 + 5 + 5 is at least 445 yuan per square, and 5 + 8 + 5 is at least 495 yuan per square.

            Customer: Want to learn special wet-laminated glass, can you go to your factory at any time?
            Xuri Meilan: No, Xuri Meilan itself is made of art glass. We usually book a couple of days for one or two months to teach special wet laminated glass. On weekdays, we do not allow colleagues to enter our factory.

            Customer: What is the thinnest thickness of your special wet laminated glass?

            Xuri Meilan: The thinnest thickness of special wet laminated glass is 3 + 1 + 3.

            Customer: What is the degree of softening of the special wet laminated glass?
            Xuri Meilan: About 90-120 degrees, the heat inside the glue is 120 degrees!

            Customer: What is the maximum size and the smallest size of the special wet method that we love Jingao processing?
            Xuri Meilan: Max 6000 * 1500; Min 10 * 10

            Customer: Does special wet laminated glass need UV curing?
            Xuri Meilan: Xuri Meilans special wet-laminated glue cures at room temperature for three or four hours, and does not require UV!

            http://www.a339.net Glass URL; http://www.a338.net Liuli URL
            The head office is in Shanghai, currently there are branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Beijing.
            National Hotline: 4000022999


             National sales hotline: 4000022999

             Tel: +86 21-5647 2608  

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            Foreign Sales: +86 186 1614 2027 Wahid
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