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            Wired Glass Types and Functions
            2016/4/30 22:58:12

            Wire-laminated glass: There are three types of wire-laminated glass. One is glass and iron wire, which are fired at one time and molded at one time, and the glass has a barbed wire inside. Color film is formed by heating to 110-120 degrees and heating and pressure laminating. The third type of wire glass is a technique of wet grouting glue. Place a silk cloth between the two layers of glass and inject it with neutral resin glue. , Vacuum, light curing / temperature curing curing / curing agent curing at room temperature. This glue-filled wire process is also called wet-laminated glass, which is a very popular wire-laminated glass currently used, mainly in large-scale Used for hotel decoration, the characteristics of wired glass are superior explosion-proof strength, sound insulation and heat insulation, flame resistance, no explosion when the glass is beaten, no debris will be hurt when broken, and there is anti-theft performance. Cloth or barbed wire. Mainly used for decoration partitions, background walls, shower room glass, railings, skylights, balconies, etc.
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